Find your identity. worth. character. home.

By discovering God's character, we find our own.
There’s something beautiful inside of you.

God gave it only to you. It's what makes you the most beautiful person in the universe.
It's your character. Your worth. Your identity.

Everyone's seeking, but few are finding.

72% of Gen Z feel unsatisfied at work.
Billions of people struggle with low self esteem.

Today’s brands are trying to sell you worth, identity, beauty and greatness. But the closer we look, the more we realize how that’s a dead end. We grow up in a connected world, yet we feel lonely. We have the greatest technology, yet we feel unintelligent and worthless. We seek more, but we don’t know how to find it. We long to be home, but we don’t know how to get there. 

If we don’t change this paradigm, it will make our generation chronically depressed, sick and miserable. We need something that helps us find our true identity, our real worth, our unique character.

If it’s really true that God created this world and made us in His image, there is only one way how to find our identity and calling. We need to go back to His love letter and find Him. 

Because by finding Him, we find us.

Why we started.

We're guests here on earth 1.0

Our ministry exists to help you develop your beautiful character. We exist to prepare you for your true home – earth 2.0. By studying the Bible together every day, we find answers to life’s toughest questions. We encourage each other every day and learn to love, give & live life to its fullest.

Our vision.

Every Christian takes 10+ minutes in the morning to find his identity & develop his beautiful character.

We bring highly relevant & beautifully crafted devotionals to every child of God.

Our mission.

Our values are part of everything built here — including characters.


We're not trying to be someone else. God made us in His image, and we are grateful & content the way He created us.


We are using God's word in a relevant & practical way. Every sentence and page, every study day by day — it's all crafted with intentional beauty.


Our community is a family. We listen to our personal needs, pray for and with each other and go through life together.


Biblical Christianity is diverse, inclusive and colorful. We're committed to embrace that and include every new member.


God created us to grow. We constantly strive to improve our products & services. We all learn together and grow in grace.

No outward beauty can recommend the soul to God. The wisdom and excellence revealed in the character and deportment, express the true beauty of the man; and it is the inner worth, the excellency of the heart, that determines our acceptance with the LORD of hosts.

Ellen White – Patriarch and Prophets, p. 638.

Find your inner beauty. talents. calling. Creator.

it’s time to get to know God. maybe for the first time. maybe for the second. but now, we’re going to the source, and we’re staying there. we’re making it relevant. we’re making it practical. we’re asking the hard questions. we’re looking for true freedom, for unleashed power, for real love. we discover His character, and we find our own. we prepare for our final home.

Why we started.

Belonging to an institution isn’t cool anymore. It may have been cool in the past, but not anymore. Youth groups are dying, the pews are empty. Many just don’t want to belong to a God like that. Isn’t Asscherick right when he says, it’s not good news that there is a God. Who cares about that?! It’s also not good news that you have a neighbor. A spouse. A father.

It all comes down to who that person is. Who is God for you? We can leave the church, we can go back to the world, or get to know it, but it doesn’t bring true peace. It doesn’t make life easier. We can blend Christianity with some worldly things and make it lukewarm, hoping it’d make sense then, but it doesn’t.

There’s only one way out of this. If your watch is broken, you go to a watchmaker. The manufacturer. So let’s go to our Creator and find out who He really is.

This means we need to go to the Bible. Every day, for a few minutes. And by finding out who He is, we find ourselves. We find our meaning and peace and purpose. We find our real calling for our lives. We find rest and peace, hope and fulfillment. The more we know about Him, the more we know about us. About the people around us. About the planet we live on. About the future and the life to come. The more we know who we are and who we can become.